Happy New Financial Year.

The New Financial Year is the perfect time to check out blindspots in your business and the Business Legal Lifecycle Placement Test is designed to do just that.

The Business Legal Lifecycle is a Queensland Law Society Innovation in Law Award winning product that aims to solve three main problems that we have discovered business owners face:

  1. An explanation of legal concepts in plain English
  2. An explanation as to what you actually need to do and who should help you
  3. Help you develop a plan for the future.

To celebrate the new financial year we are offering all CPA members discounted access to our Business Legal Lifecycle Placement Test usually $95.00 but if you complete the test by Wednesday 12 July 2018 for just $40.00.

GUARANTEE – the majority of business owners will have something that is missing from their business and don’t know it because of their blindspots. We guarantee that our test will uncover something that you have missed. We are so confident that it will that if it doesn’t we will refund you the cost that you paid for the test plus 10% so $44.00.

To take advantage of this offer visit Test and enter the Coupon code ‘CPA-TN’ by Wednesday 12 July 2018.

Please feel free to contact me at lifecycle@jeremystreten.com if you have any questions.

I hope you have a great day



Business Legal Lifecycle


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