133 — Building Real Connections with Anthony Witt

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In Show 133 – Building Real Connections with Anthony Witt originally broadcast on Facebook Live on Wednesday 26 September 2018 we explore this interesting topic.

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This week we’re excited to welcome Anthony Witt from The Champion Entrepreneur Podcast.  He’s a business advisor that specializes in helping people really connect with your clients.  He offers some practical tips on how to build those connection and details some of the common mistakes that people often get wrong.  Anthony is a big advocate of people venturing out on their own.  There are many reasons why people want to work for themselves rather than for someone else.  Anthony has give kids and wanted to be able to provide for them.  But more importantly he wanted to be able to spend time with his family. Working a 9 to 5 rarely offers that kind of flexibility.

Building connection should be the central concern of a business owner.  You need connections to succeed.  Anthony is strong believer in the power of cross-fertilization across different kinds of businesses.  Processes that work in a commercial kitchen can work for a large construction firm.  Everything that has been invented has been invented.  What is happening now is connecting innovation across different sectors of the economy.

To build your connections you have to do some simple things.  You have to actually interact with real people.  Building real connections with real people is becoming increasingly rare in a digitally connected world.  You have to get out and meet people.  Just staying at home isn’t going to get it done.  Go to conferences.  Go to meetups in your home city.  You can waste time at these events but if you pick them strategically it can be hugely beneficial.  The objective is to build connections.

The biggest mistake people make when trying to make connections is treating people like just another column in a spreadsheet.  Don’t put people into a box so that you can pull them out when you need them.  You have to treat people like real people.  It isn’t just about making sure you gain.  You have to be able to actually help people too.  You have to care.  Your first question should be “how can I help you?”.  You need to use that question in your vernacular on a regular basis.


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