091 – Solving the Life Puzzle with Chandell Labbozzetta

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In Show 091 – Solving the Life Puzzle with Chandell Labbozzetta originally broadcast on Facebook Live on Wednesday 16 May 2018 we explore this interesting topic.

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Show Notes

Today, we’re lucky to have the owner of Life Puzzle on the show.  Chandell Labbozzetta began her business career at just 14 years of age.  She later worked in business development and marketing.  But after a decade of professional experience she was totally burnt out.  She discovered Neuro-Linguistic Programming a form of psychotherapy that helps professionals to improve their self-worth.

Chandell had a lot of success in her life very early.  She was a top salesperson with Nutri-metrics while still a teenager.  She had gone on to build a great career as a marketer and business development coach.  But despite all that she was incredibly depressed.  Her mother took her to a hypnotherapist who specialized in NLP.  She was drawn to this form of therapy and it transformed her life.  She became so passionate about the practice that she turned it into her full-time job.

Chandell says NLP is the language we use to determine our behaviour.  It helps people to access their unconscious mind using language.  People often rely on willpower to change their behaviour.  But willpower depends on the conscious mind which is too easily manipulated by emotions.  Many professionals suffer from an imposter syndrome – the idea that they are frauds who will soon be discovered.  Chandell and her team work with their clients to expunge those thoughts from their unconscious minds.

Chandell has used NLP in her sales training courses.  The word “sales” has a very negative connotation.  It evokes ideas of manipulation and exploitation.  Many of those ideas are held by the people actually doing the selling.  She is interested in how people do things not why they do them.  Sales is the art of influence.  The key thing is how influential you are at sharing your ideas with others.  Understanding how your unconscious behaviour affects your ability to influence others is really important here.

Everybody has a different understanding of the world and a different way of communicating with it.  Making assumptions about why people do the things they do is what creates confusion.  Ask questions instead of making assumptions.

What book are you reading right now?

The Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins

What book should every business owner read?

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

What is the one thing would like to tell your younger self?

Whenever a problem is created the solution is created simultaneously.  You just have to look for it.

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