Servcorp Melbourne Webinar

Thank you for taking the time to attend the webinar and thanks for your interest in working on your business.

As a bonus I would like to give you a copy of Chapter 14 of my book the Business Legal Lifecycle Its Lonely at the Top – Dealing with Crisis.

3 x Placement Tests

The Business Legal Lifecycle is a Queensland Law Society Innovation in Law Award winning product that aims to solve three main problems that we have discovered business owners face:

  1. An explanation of legal concepts in plain English
  2. An explanation as to what you actually need to do and who should help you
  3. Help you develop a plan for the future.

The online placement test which can be found here: Test for attendees for the Servcorp Melbourne Webinar receive 3 tests for the one price,  enter your details and make payment and then we will be in contact with you to undertake the tests.

You will also receive:

  • A copy of my Book “The Business Legal Lifecycle”
  • 2 x Estate Planning Review
  • 30 minute session with me (via zoom) on How to implement the Business Legal Lifecycle in your Business.

If you have any questions please email me at