Why You Need a Shareholders Agreement

In Show 051- Fast Fix Monday Why You Need a Shareholders Agreement originally broadcast on Facebook Live on Monday 15 January 2018 we explore this interesting topic.

Show Notes

Today on Fast Fix Monday we wanted to touch on shareholder agreements.  These agreements often come into play during Phase 6: Maximizing your business and bringing on investors.  Why do you need a shareholders agreement?  They can provide legal security for your company and it helps to regulate future disputes.  There are several “what if” scenarios this agreement will cover.  Among them are:

  1. What happens if the business owners leaves, dies or becomes chronically ill?

The owner of the business is usually the life-blood of the operation.  If they become sick or incapacitated in some way that can cause major problems.  There needs to be a transition plan in place which can include a buy-sell -option agreement.  That is essentially an insurance policy that is put in place if the owner becomes sick or dies.

  1. What happens if the founder starts another project similar to your business?

This is important because it protects the company from unfair competition from one of the people in the ownership group who may want to leave the company and enter a similar sector.

  1. What happens if you need another partner?

If the business continues to expand you may need additional investment from another partner. Before that happens the details of how that will happen needs to be worked out with the current ownership group.

  1. What if a partner isn’t putting in the time?

It’s possible that someone in the ownership group will become distracted by another job or interest and is no longer putting in the time and effort into the company.  The responsibilities of everyone involved in the company need to be clearly spelled-out.

  1. What happens if there are disagreements among shareholders?

Just like a marriage everyone gets along great at the start of a new business.  That isn’t always where it ends up.  A dispute management system needs to have been agreed upon by all parties long before the operation gets under way.

  1. What happens if there is a deadlock after a vote?

This is especially important if there is a 50/50 ownership split.  It’s possible that a major decision will end in a deadlock.  You don’t want to wait until that happens before you decide on how to resolve that kind of dispute.

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