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The BLL Quiz

The Business Legal Lifecycle is a Queensland Law Society Innovation in Law Award winning product that aims to solve three main problems that we have discovered business owners face:

  1. An explanation of legal concepts in plain English.
  2. An explanation as to what you actually need to do and who should help you.
  3. Help you develop a plan for the future.

Currently there are two products being:

  1. The Business Legal Lifecycle book which you can order download here: Book
  2. The online placement quiz which can be found here: Quiz for Deal Quest Podcast listeners viewers we have developed a special coupon code ‘DealQuest’ which will let you take a test for the 50% discount price of $48.50 (normally $97), just use the Coupon ‘DealQuest’.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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Business Legal Lifecycle


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