The Business Legal Lifecycle Risk Assessment


This legal risk assessment works by asking you a series of questions relating to your business. The questions work to determine where your business currently sits in the Business Legal Lifecycle. If you haven’t already purchased and read the accompanying Business Legal Lifecycle book by Jeremy Streten you can purchase it.

This quiz is designed to be an accompaniment for the book and will work hand in hand.


If you need help mitigating legal risk for your business, then take our legal risks assessment above today, or follow these tips to get started. 

#1. Ensure you understand the contracts you sign 

#2. Keeping On Top of New and Changing Regulations

#3. Ensuring Proper Business Conduct

#4. Compliance with Environmental Laws

#5. Be Sure to Abide by All Relevant Tax Laws

#6. Hire a Legal Team

Find out more about how to mitigate legal risk in business.


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