144 – Find Your Business Vision with David Furze

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In Show 144 – Find Your Business Vision with David Furze originally broadcast on Facebook Live on Wednesday 31 October 2018.

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Business Guru David Furze joins us today to talk about how to unleash your business vision. David left the corporate world to create Launch Commerical Solutions in 2016.  He wanted to help entrepreneurs to fully realize their vision.  That process can be more difficult than you realize.  You have to put in place the solid foundation that will allow you to hit your goals.  David shares the seven things that business owners always forget.  And he discusses how to find a real business coach that actually knows what they are doing.

The first problem most business owners happens before they even start the business.  It’s a simple question.  Why are you starting a business?  If are going into this for the wrong reasons you are doomed to failure.  Making a million dollars isn’t a good reason.  Build a business on your passion.  When you have a clear mission that helps your customers understand who you are.

Once you do that you need to clearly articulate what you want to achieve.  Understanding who your target market is critical.  If you don’t know who they are then you can’t communicate with them.  As the business progresses it’s really hard to maintain your motivation.  Developing the skills that will help you navigate the bumps in the road is so important.  To keep motivated try to remove distractions.  If you’re answering your email every three seconds it’s hard to keep on task.

Getting a great business coach can be a huge help.  The problem is finding a good one.  There are, literally, millions of people on the internet claiming to be business coaches.  That’s given coaches a pretty bad reputation.  But David says they are important.  To find a great coach David recommends a few things.  First, if the coach is always starting sentences with “I” instead of “We” that’s a dead giveaway.  They need to be focused on you.  Coaching will help you to train on business concepts and planning.  They will help you to deliver strategy that will in turn help your employees to execute that strategy.

How did you make your first dollar?

“I worked as a porter in a city hotel.”

What is one book every business owner should read?

What advice would you give your younger self?

Take a risk. Spend time to research your good ideas.


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