How do I choose a good lawyer?

You have a legal problem that has come up. What do you do, who do you speak to? You have worked hard on your business so it is understandable that don’t want to just trust anyone with your legal matters. You want to make sure that the lawyer you choose is the right one for you.

Ask for a referral

One option to find the right lawyer is to ask for a referral from someone you know and trust. This may be a friend or colleague who has engaged a lawyer to help with their business matters. Knowing that the lawyer has dealt with their legal matters effectively will give you confidence that they are equipped to deal with your legal matters. Another person to ask for a referral from is a consultant that you deal with on a regular basis such as your accountant. Your accountant will likely have relationships with various lawyers that they deal with on a regular basis and by knowing your business they should be able to refer you to a lawyer that they think would be suitable to help you.

Do your own research

If you aren’t able to get a referral to a lawyer you can find information by doing an online search. You can tailor your search to look for a lawyer who specialises in business matters. Look for lawyers who have testimonials from their clients attesting to the quality of the work that was done for them.

Be Prepared

The Business Legal Lifecycle Legal Risk Assessment is a tool that takes about 10 minutes to complete by answering 31 questions about your business. It provides a report that sets out the legal risks in your business and what you need to do to protect them, why you need to prevent those legal risks and a plan for the future of your business. Importantly you can take it to your lawyer to then do the work that they are good at, preventing those legal risks within your business and you get all of this without the cost of a lawyer preparing the report in the first place.

By working together with the Business Legal Lifecycle lawyers can help their clients to prevent legal risks within their business and prevent so many problems that commonly afflict small to medium sized businesses.

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