How similar are the laws in different countries?

We often get asked about the similarity of different laws between different countries in the world. Sometimes business owners question whether the tools and information in the Business Legal Lifecycle will apply to their business. The truth may be somewhat surprising as they are fairly similar amongst the different counties around the world.

As a lawyer who practiced in Australia for many years I imagined that the laws in different countries would be very different. When I began my journey of making legal advice accessible to all Small to Medium Sized businesses around the world I thought that the laws would be considerably different.

What I discovered is that around the world much of the law, how it is expressed and how it works for different industries is similar. In fact, with my amazon best selling book, the Business Legal Lifecycle the amount of changes that I had to make from the Australian to UK version was around 15% of the book and the US version was around 25%. The reason for this is that the principles of law are very similar amongst the different countries. Interestingly it is the implementation of those laws and how they are enforced that is different between different countries.

This is one reason that we designed the Business Legal Lifecycle to give business owners around the world access to legal advice in a way that you can understand. Our Legal Risk Assessment Report is designed in a way that fits all countries to identify the high level risks that each business have. It is then designed to be taken to a lawyer to help you implement that in your business.

About Business Legal Lifecycle

At Business Legal Lifecycle we know that dealing with a lawyer can be difficult, it can seem daunting and costly. That is why we have designed our Legal Risk Assessment and Education Course to help you to understand the law without a law degree. Without knowledge you don’t know your legal risks which could cost you a lot in the future.

By working together with the Business Legal Lifecycle lawyers can help their clients to prevent legal risks within their business and prevent so many problems that commonly afflict small to medium sized businesses.

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