My Business is different how can this work for me

If you’re considering taking our Business Legal Lifecycle Risk Assessment Tool and have done your research on the web you’ve probably thought to yourself that this won’t work for me because my business is different. This is one of the most common comments I hear from business owners, that their business is unique and requires advice specific to the business or industry.

The purpose of this article is to address, with full disclosure, why this is not correct and why our tool will work for you. In the spirit of full disclosure, we have to point out that there are “problems”.

Every Business is Unique but the Business of Business is the same

There are well over 210 million different companies in the world and many more businesses that are run as sole traders. Depending on your definitions there are at least 19 different industries that those businesses fall into. Each of those businesses and industries is unique because the way that they deliver their product or service is unique and will have its own challenges and opportunities.

However the business of business is the same across those different businesses. Whilst every country and in some cases every state within a country has different rules the legal risks of businesses are generally the same throughout the rule. That is why we have designed our Legal Risk Assessment tool to be quick and easy to use.

Our tool is designed to be quick and easy to use. It asks around 30 questions and should take you about 10 minutes. It is designed to give you a snapshot of your legal risks by identifying what you have in your business and what you are missing. By identifying which phase you are in, in the Business Legal Lifecycle you will understand better what your legal gaps are in your business so that you can plug them.

How you can use it to better work with your lawyer

The tool is specifically designed to produce a report that you can take to your lawyer so that they can help to implement the legal risks specific to your business and industry. Generally to obtain this type of advice from a lawyer would require an investment of around $1,000.00 (or 1,000.00 pounds) so that the lawyer can interview you, obtain all of your information and then write the report. Alternatively often lawyers may try to do this advice for free and then charge you more when they implement and do the work.

Either way the report is designed to save your time and money to find out this information and then have your lawyer do the work. We have also designed it to explain to you, in plain English, what all of these legal terms mean and why they are important. This means that when you go to see your lawyer you will not need them to explain what you need to do, you will already understand.

About Business Legal Lifecycle

At Business Legal Lifecycle we know that dealing with a lawyer can be difficult, it can seem daunting and costly. That is why we have designed our Legal Risk Assessment Tool and Education Course to help you to understand the law without a law degree. It is often difficult to understand the costs that you will save by taking a proactive approach (by its very nature a proactive approach saves you money that you would otherwise spend) but trust us that the savings are huge.

By working together with the Business Legal Lifecycle lawyers can help their clients to prevent legal risks within their business and prevent so many problems that commonly afflict small to medium sized businesses.

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