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The Business Legal Lifecycle is a Queensland Law Society Innovation in Law Award winning product that aims to solve three main problems that we have discovered business owners face:

  1. An explanation of legal concepts in plain English.
  2. An explanation as to what you actually need to do and who should help you.
  3. Help you develop a plan for the future.

Currently there are two products being:

  1. The Business Legal Lifecycle book which you can order download here: Book
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Please feel free to contact me at jeremy@businesslegallifecycle.com if you have any questions.

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Business Legal Lifecycle

Business Legal Lifecycle Presentation

Business Legal Lifecycle Book

Business Legal Lifecycle Book

Whether you want to have a large company or a small, lifestyle business; you have to pay attention to the legal aspects — right from the start. If you don’t take care of your legal obligations and plan for the inevitable problems that will surface, you will be exposing yourself to strain, stress, loss of business and potentially even bankruptcy.

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