How to write a Business Plan

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Here at the Business Legal Lifecycle we are all about helping you to achieve your business goals. We do this by providing different tools for Free that you can use to help advance your business interests.

You have landed on this page because you want to know how to write a business plan.

There are lots of webpages that will write the business plan for you but here we want you to get the learnings out of actually writing the business plan yourself. Success leaves clues and we have found that business owners who write their own business plans get a much better return on their investment.

For that reason we have put together two templates, a lengthy business plan and a one or two page business plan (which you can download whichever you want to use.

While a lengthy business plan is good for an new business it is often something that is used to evaluate whether or not a business is worthwhile and if the business should proceed.

Once a business has been operated for a few months you will find that a one or two page business plan is all that you need.

Download these today and put the time and effort into drafting this up and you will reap the rewards for the success of your business.

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