What should I bring to a lawyer consultation

Ask great questions

When you go to a lawyer they will generally ask you a lot of questions about your situation. Before you go to the lawyer you should spend time seeking to understand what it is that they will be asking you so that you can properly prepare for that meeting. Part of that is educating yourself on different legal aspects of your business, what they mean and how they might apply to you.

Next, you should ask the lawyer (or their team) what you need to bring to the consultation. Depending on the type of meeting that you are having with the lawyer you may need to bring documentation a completed questionnaire or other important information to that meeting.

What if they say its up to you?

Sometimes the lawyer or their team members may leave it up to you so here is a list of what you should bring:

  • A written statement as to what happened and why you need their help (even if this is in note form it will help you not miss anything);
  • A list of questions that you want answered;
  • Any documents that go for or against what you are trying to argue (where you have a dispute and remember they need to see everything);
  • The details of all of your entities and structures so that the lawyer can understand your business structure and what you own (as well as owe); and
  • Details of any previous advice that you have received.

At Business Legal Lifecycle we know that dealing with a lawyer can be difficult, it can seem daunting and costly. That is why we have designed our Legal Risk Assessment Tool and Education Course to help you to understand the law without a law degree. It is often difficult to understand what you need to do before you go to a lawyer and what costs you will save by taking a proactive approach (by its very nature a proactive approach saves you money that you would otherwise spend) but trust us that the savings are huge.

By working together with the Business Legal Lifecycle lawyers can help their clients to prevent legal risks within their business and prevent so many problems that commonly afflict small to medium sized businesses.

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